What our clients say about Service Animal Travel

Thank you so much for everything. I just got home from my trip and had no problem at all flying with my support animal. When questioned by the airline staff, I pulled out my letter from your company's psychotherapist. They made a quick note in the computer and on I went. Thanks again!
~ Brandon G. - Austin, TX - 05/04/2012
I'm so grateful I found your clinic! My local therapist isn't a believer in the effects animals have on people and didn't want to write a letter for me to travel with my dog. Your service was quick and painless and I enjoyed speaking with your psychologist. Thank you for your help.
~ Mary S. - Hoboken, NJ - 04/16/2012
I really appreciate all your support and help! My medical doctor who has been treating me has written letters for me to travel with my emotional support dog in the years past, but it sometimes takes weeks to get it from his office. My letter expired a few days ago and I didn't realize it until I was packing for my trip home for the holidays. When I registered with SAT I received my recommendation letter with more than enough time before my flight on Delta!
~ Janice L. - Fort Meyers, FL - 03/14/2012
Thank you for your prompt service and continued professionalism. I wasn't nervous at all when the airline informed me they were confirming my service animal letter with your clinic. I had no problem getting on my flight with my bulldog, Harley. He sat right at my feet and snored the whole way there!
~ Dave M. - Boston, MA - 01/16/2012
It means the world to me to be able to live with my dog in peace. Your medical staff is very understanding and your lawyers are easy to talk to and thorough. I had a very merry Christmas knowing that my landlord will never again bother me or threaten to evict me for having a dog in my apartment. Thank you a thousand times.
~ Melissa K. - Boise, ID - 12/30/2011
SAT is the most amazing service I've ever used! I've always had to buy an extra plane ticket just to fly with my 10 lb. dog in a bag under my seat just in case I needed her emotional support. Now I am able to legally fly with her by my side and save all that money. Thank you!
~ Kelly J. - Yonkers, NY - 09/18/2011
Thanks for the quick processing of my qualification. I've already flown with my ESA and everything went perfectly. It really couldn't have been any easier.
~ Troy S. - Salt Lake City, UT - 05/10/2011
Thanks for your amazing service! I should have done this years ago.
~ Amanda G. - San Diego, CA - 03/04/2011

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