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Would you like to travel with your dog(s) for FREE*, without hassle, while using public transportation (including air travel)? Service Animal Travel is here to help!

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Do you often leave your dog with pet sitters or at costly kennels while you travel? Would you like to travel with your dog without spending hundreds of dollars in extra pet fees? Our service offers a much healthier and more cost-effective option for both you and your dog.

Welcome to Service Animal Travel! We are licensed medical professionals who treat and help those who qualify to travel with their dogs (any size) for free* and without hassle while using public transportation, including air travel. As long as you have an official letter from our Licensed Psychotherapists and your dog is housebroken and well-behaved in public, airlines cannot legally reject your dog from flying with you in the passenger cabin or charge you pet fees. When your dog provides you with emotional support service while you fly it is not considered a pet under federal law. No cages, special training, certifications, service dog tags or vests are required to use your dog for emotional support while you travel, even internationally.

Airlines can charge you more than $400 each way to transport a dog as "luggage" and they frequently kill, maim, injure and lose animals flying in the cargo hold. Why risk your health and your dog's life? Why pay thousands of dollars to fly your dog in the cargo hold if you legally qualify** to fly with him/her in the passenger cabin for free? In just minutes and for less than $100, SAT can help you safely travel with your dog without paying pet fees year-round, anywhere... anytime! We can also help you live in no-pet buildings and neighborhoods with your best four-legged friend without paying extra rent or pet deposits!

With SAT's help you can:

  • Travel in safety and comfort with your dog in the passenger cabin of a plane, train, ship or bus
  • Eliminate paying extra fees charged for traveling with an animal
  • Avoid health complications and emotional distress associated with traveling
  • Avoid caging your dog while you are traveling by air, land and sea
  • Never again incur additional veterinary bills to sedate your dog during your trip
  • Avoid lengthy lines at the airport - you will be moved to the front of the security screening line with your dog
  • Save thousands of dollars annually in travel and living expenses with your dog
  • Properly identify your dog as a emotional support service animal anywhere you go
  • Live in harmony with your dog in a "no-pet" building or private neighborhood legally without paying extra rent or a deposit for your dog
  • Same day service
  • No appointment necessary!

See if you qualify for our assistance and register your pet now by taking our quick and simple Qualification Questionnaire.

We can also assist you in obtaining the proper documentation needed to show your landlord or home owners association that you can house a support animal in a "no-pet" building or neighborhood under the Fair Housing Act. Let us know if you need our assistance in this capacity by checking the box to include a Letter of Prescription for the Fair Housing Act on the Qualification Questionnaire when you register. The FHA Letter legally applies to virtually all forms of housing, whether for sale or rent. The exceptions include (a) buildings with four or fewer units where the landlord lives in one of the units, and (b) private owners who do not own more than three single family houses, do not use real estate brokers or agents, and do not use discriminatory advertisements.

Please note: We have confirmed all applicable laws with independent disability attorneys. We know the law and adhere to it in every way. Housing and flying with a dog for emotional support are both covered practices under the federal disabilities law. This is not the same practice as a using a specially trained service animal for a physical impairment which has a legal standard that must be met for both the owner and the service dog. If you need your dog for emotional support while traveling by air, you MUST provide airlines with specific documentation prescribing you an animal for emotional support. You can obtain this documentation from us or through your own mental healthcare provider (i.e. psychologist). Our service is discreet and provided quickly (usually within 24 hours). Emotional Support Animals (ESA) do not need any formal service dog training, certification or special tags to provide service and support for their owners. Airlines cannot be legally reject your dog as an ESA as long as he/she is well-behaved in public and housebroken. We do NOT certify any dogs or other animals as trained service animals. We only assist individuals who qualify to protect their health and legal rights to travel with an emotional support animal at no additional cost per trip.

UPDATE: As of July 1, 2018, several airlines have begun requiring their own forms to be filled out IN ADDITION TO the letter provided by our licensed therapist to qualified individuals under the law. Our attorneys’ legal opinion is that their forms are duplicative in nature (does not have to be on their form because our letter provides all legally necessary information under federal disabilities laws). However, if an airline requires additional information not related to your qualification as a disabled person, such as proof of vaccinations for your ESA, you may have to provide such information from your veterinarian.

* Only your emotional support animal will travel with you for free. Qualifying individuals are responsible for their own travel fares.

** Only individuals who qualify as disabled under the ADA will be able to utilize our services. We do not provide formal assessments of any mental, emotional or physical impairments. The ADA does not require any formal assessment or diagnosis to claim protection as a disabled person. Please seek medical assistance for a formal diagnosis or assessment of an impairment.

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